• Sarrah & Pat

our eco-philosophy

Why keep designing buildings when buildings are shown to be a leading cause of destruction to our environment?

On the brink of leaving our profession, we asked ourselves this question. Does an architect have a place in an environmentally sustainable future? If so, how do we transform our practice from perpetuating the problem into generating the solutions now?

Together we decided that the best and quickest way to transform was to start our own firm and ground our practice first and foremost on the premise that architecture will improve environmental health.

To do this effectively and authentically we have set up a unique system of checkpoints for every stage of our projects so we can seek every opportunity to maximise environmental health and bring our clients along with us in a fun and fulfilling evolution.

Every project we do, we are learning, adjusting, reflecting, improving. We need our clients by our side to push us , to work with us to achieve the most creative and meaningful projects.

There is no silver bullet so if we want to be the change we want to see, then we need to grow in our profession.

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