Hurley Architects is a startup architectural practice striving to deliver the most environmentally sensitive architectural designs for our clients. 

Above all, we value our environment, our clients and each other.

We seek to collaborate with other passionate people who share these core values. 








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director profiles.


sarrah hurley.

Sarrah is a passionate, approachable architect with extensive experience leading education and residential projects. Her drive to improve the environmental outcome of projects is what makes her a dynamic force as a founding partner of Hurley Architects. Working attentively with clients, Sarrah has a honed sense of detail and design sensibility making every project she touches personal and on point. Most of all she enjoys bringing out the best in her clients in a fun and approachable setting and making sure all aspects of a project are completed to the highest standard of quality.


Notably, Sarrah is also an industry leader in her work on architectural design for biodiversity. Her years of experience collaborating with the Interdisciplinary Conservation Science Research Group at RMIT led her to pursue a career focussed on discovering new and impactful ways to design buildings that benefit biological diversity. Having consulted on a range of projects from whole new neighbourhoods to the design of new homes, she is passionate about working with people from all walks of life who want to make a difference in their building project.  


pat hurley.

Pat is an accomplished, down to earth architect with a broad array of experience delivering industry-esteemed commercial, educational and residential projects. His focus as a director is to facilitate an enjoyable and engaging experience for the client where they can trust that their project is in capable hands. Pat’s past work as a project architect on progressive community projects such as social housing facilities and community nursing homes in Victoria has given him a strong desire to seek out projects that add meaning to their local community. In addition to his visionary aspirations, he also possess a particular nowse for all things construction, affording him an uncanny ability to skilfully resolve challenges both on and off the building site.  







full & partial

architectural services:

feasibility studies


establishing an architectural brief

sketch design

concept design

design development

town planning documentation

construction documentation

contract administration

post occupancy evaluation


fees are project specific and available upon request

environmental design



work with us to develop a world class environmental design strategy unique to you and your project. we will take you through aspects such as site planning, passive solar design, material selection, water, 'waste', energy use, biodiversity planning and more to enable you to establish project-specific environmental criteria before embarking on your project.


this strategy will be a powerful decision making tool for all subsequent steps of project planning, design and construction such as budget setting, brief development etc.

initial consult $300 (ex gst)

follow up consult & report: investment is project dependent

biodiversity in design

professional development courses

& retreats 


available for architects, construction industry professionals and developers who want to expand their understanding and capacity in ecological planning and architectural design for biodiversity. 


introductory workshops are a fun and dynamic intro into what it means to design with biodiversity in mind. workshops cover why this approach is emerging as a pillar of sustainable construction, exploring the difference between designing for vs designing with biodiversity and ways to overcome the barriers to implementation in your practice.


advanced workshops & retreats are a half or full day immersion program where participants are taken through an experiential education process of what it means to design alongside biodiversity. these workshops focus on transforming your mindset and your professional practice to align with biodiversity design principles and give you the tools to integrate these into your profession and projects. 

introductory workshop 2hrs $700 (ex gst)

advanced workshops & retreats (prices available upon request) 

please get in touch and we can tailor our content, workshop duration and pricing to suit your organisation/group.








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