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Sarrah Hurley

Sarrah is a passionate, approachable architect with extensive experience leading education and residential projects. Her drive to improve the environmental outcome of projects is what makes her a dynamic force as a founding partner of Hurley Architects. Working attentively with clients, Sarrah has a honed sense of detail and design sensibility making every project she touches personal and on point. Most of all she enjoys bringing out the best in her clients in a fun and approachable setting and making sure all aspects of a project are completed to the highest standard of quality.


Notably, Sarrah is also an industry leader in her work on architectural design for biodiversity. Her years of experience collaborating with the Interdisciplinary Conservation Science Research Group at RMIT led her to pursue a career focussed on discovering new and impactful ways to design buildings that benefit biological diversity. Having consulted on a range of projects from whole new neighbourhoods to the design of new homes, she is passionate about working with people from all walks of life who want to make a difference in their building project.

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